Bingo Offers

Online Bingo is popular, very popular indeed. Recent years have seen some extensive television advertisement campaigns that have helped make online bingo a game played by thousands of people every day.

Bingo has always been considered as a game played by elderly ladies in run down village halls and community centres. The game has evolved, and become part of a multi million pound industry that delivers the very latest in computer software and imagery to almost every household in the UK.

Customers have the ability of being able to play bingo whenever and wherever they choose. Websites like Jackpotjoy regularly offer customers a whole host of promotions and offers that are designed to encourage new players and to reward players loyal to that specific website. With literally hundreds of online bingo websites available, the competition to acquire and keep new players is quite intense. This offers customers a huge selection of promotions and offers that range from a simple £5 give-away up to luxurious 5 star Holidays in some of the worlds most attractive destinations.

Online bingo is also much cheaper to play than established land based establishments. Many of the online websites offer customers the chance to play that caters for virtually any players budget. Most of the bigger brands will offer customers the chance to play for as little as a penny per ticket, and in some cases you can actually play for free. The amount you pay for each ticket will of course reflect the amount of money that is available to win. A penny game for example might have a prize-pool of £10 while a game that costs 10p per ticket can and often does have up to £1000 up for grabs.

Bingo is a fun game to play, so getting value for your money is of course paramount. Many players choose to have an account on many different websites, so as to take full advantage of the many offers available. Do your research and find the best promotions for you and have fun.

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Make use Of Bingo Bonuses

There are literally hundreds of online bingo websites looking to have you as one of their customer. These websites regularly offer some of the most interesting promotions and offers seen in the online gaming world. Very few other forms of gaming websites seem to be able to match the sheer volume and quality of the offers and promotions given by these companies. These promotions give players a very unique opportunity. Anyone that likes to play bingo can enjoy many, if not all of these offers and potentially win thousands of pounds in the process.

Some websites for example will offer players small amounts of money upon registration of a new account, to play for free. This is a great promotion that allows you to have a look around the website and try the games without it costing anything. Obviously if the website is to your liking, you can choose to make a deposit and take the many bonuses on offer.

Another popular promotion is the new player “Deposit Bonus”. This promotion is very important if you play a lot of online bingo and are looking to boost your player account. Most websites will ask you to deposit an amount of between £20 and £100. These websites then double or even treble that amount and credit it to your account in the form of bonus funds. These funds are available to you to play at the many bingo rooms, but you might have to meet certain criteria before being able to make a withdrawal. This criteria will vary depending on which website you choose.

One of the most popular websites to offer this promotion is the online bingo giant Sky Bingo. If you make a deposit and play just £5 on bingo then they will give you another £20 absolutely free of charge.

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Bingo History

It was a toy salesman who brought the game to the market in the United States and gave it the name it’s known by the world over, Bingo! Edwin S. Lowe stumbled upon a carnival game called Beano in 1929 quite by accident, he was travelling the country trying to make sales for his toy company, which had suffered badly in the depression. Lowe had decided to push forward and drive to Jacksonville in Georgia in the evening, so he would be early for his appointments the next day. On the way Lowe noticed a carnival just off the main road, when he went to investigate he saw that all the booths were empty apart from one, inside which people were crowding to watch and trying to join the game which was being played there. Around the crowded table there were people sat hunched over cards and handfuls of beans. As Lowe watched the carnival man pulled disks out of a cloth bag and called out the number written on it and the people looked on their cards for the number and if they found it then a bean was placed over the number. This continued until someone had a full line of beans and shouted “Beano!” The winner was rewarded with a small doll and the game was reset and people paid their pennies to play again. Lowe noted later that “I noticed the players were practically addicted to the game. The pitchman wanted to close up, but everytime he said, “this is the last game” nobody moved”, in fact the booth only shut at 3am when the pitchman drove everyone out so he could shut the canvas. Lowe talked to the pitchman who told him that he’d seen the game being played in Europe the previous season and adapted it to make a booth game.

Lowe continued with his sales trip but his mind kept returning to that carnival game and when he returned hom to New York he gathered some items together and trialled the game with some of his friends. He noticed that they played it with the same enthusiasm as he’d seen at the carnival, in fact one of the female players got so excited that when she covered her last number she stuttered and shouted BBBBINGO instead of Beano, Lowe latched onto her new version of it’s name and released 2 variants of the game to the toy market within a short time, both titled BINGO. As the game concept was already in the public domain it couldn’t be copyrighted but the new name could have been, Edwin S. Lowe decided not to bother but told competitors to pay him $1 a year to use the name, this avoided the lawyers getting involved and left the name open for all to use. On a side note, bingo wasn’t the only game brought to the public eye by Edwin S. Lowe, he was also responsible for the launch of Yahtzee, the game played with 5 dice.

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